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Coffee Lip Serum & Nourishing Moisturiser

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An awesome deal for soft, supple lips AND a visibly glowing face!
  •  Coffee Softening Lip Serum is a glossy, sheer formula, designed to penetrate deep, hydrating dry, chapped lips from within.
  • Nourishing Moisturiser is a power-packed with goodies that restores your skin's lost natural glow, taking care of the stress that makes your skin dull.
  •  FaceWash that upgrades your face-cleansing experience! Luxurious & calming formula that leaves your skin squeaky-clean BUT not stretchy – this one's an outright all-rounder.
Coffee Softening Lip Serum
  •  Visibly improves lip texture on regular use
  • Heals daily lip damage for a naturally softer pout
Nourishing Moisturiser
  •  Blurs dark spots for an even, glowing skin tone
  • Helps achieve well-hydrated, supple skin that's naturally radiant
  • Fortifies weak skin barrier for an overall healthy complexion
Coffee Softening Lip Serum
  •  Long-lasting with 500+ applications
  • Non-sticky, lightweight formula
  • Can be worn over or under your lipstick
  • Made with safe, natural ingredients (no stress even when licked)
  • Adds a healthy shine to your lips (no stress even without lip gloss)
  • Metallic roller for smooth, no-touch application; transparent bottle
Nourishing Moisturiser
  •  Lightweight & non-greasy
  • Silky, super-absorbent (feels like Shea Butter)
  • Actively protects from sun damage
  • Acts a great makeup primer (mix with foundation for a flawless base)
  • Smells like luscious Mango Souffle!
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