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Our story

They say necessity is the mother of invention. They’re right.

In the words of Beyoncé, the world’s run by girls. Well, we’ll elaborate on that — the world’s run by women of mettle. Women who kill at their jobs, women who break through the exhaustion of modern relationships, women who rage at the bar, women who go Dutch on dates, women who show the finger to societal judgements. Basically, women who’re their own heroes.

But what do these women run on? Green tea? Tequila shots? A ‘Gram-worthy makeup look? A new Netflix series? NOPE. Such a 24*7 hustler is fuelled by the grit required to navigate the hustle and beauty that doesn’t bog her down while she’s at it — beauty that’s devoid of binding rules, beauty that lets her be herself. And this epiphany is what led to the birth of DoYou.


We believe that beauty isn’t built in a boardroom; beauty starts with you. Exactly why we spoke to hundreds of young, urban, busy women who live life on their own terms before defining what our products should and should not do.

Our products are thoughtful before they’re smart — they work overtime so you can too, they take the edge off your hectic life instead of adding to it, they undo the damage caused by daily skin stressors, they suit all skin types so that’s one less thing to worry about, they’re one (wo)man armies so you can chuck cumbersome beauty routines and save time.

The result — non-binding beauty that turns tired, overworked faces into happy, radiant ones… one woke woman at a time.

Any ingredient that isn't skin-friendly is out of bounds for us

Think of us as an affable digital beauty buff — one who'll support (and not school) you

Drop that dictionary — we're breaking down confusing beauty jargon by the minute

Our Team

Our Team

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