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DoYou Facewash

Face Wash

3.80 out of 5
(5 reviews)


What is it?

While you hustle to meet life goals, pollution stands between you and your skin goals. Enter a mild face cleanser that counters daily pollution like nobody's business. This powerhouse formula does double triple duty and is just as hardworking as you.

Why is it special?

  • All-in-one CTM: Who's got time for 3 steps — cleanses your pores of micro-pollutants, tones them, and restores lost moisture to skin's outer layer
  • Non-Drying: Harsh = clean? Nah — formulated at natural skin's pH level of 5, this one's mild AND effective (suitable for both morning and night use)
  • Glow On The Go: More work and no sleep makes Jill a dull (faced) girl — skin brightening actives bring back skin's lost radiance
  • Soft To The Touch: Long hours in the sun or skipping night-time cleansing leads to a buildup of dead skin cells — banishes the buildup resulting in skin that's smoother and softer
  • Lazy Aid: Skip the makeup remover after a long day at work — takes off light makeup and sunscreen
Ideal for: all of us, all year round!


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  • 100% Genuine & Orginal
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How To Use

  • Wet your face (obviously)
  • Don’t forget to remove your makeup if you have any on
  • Squeeze out an almond-sized amount of the product onto your palm
  • Massage the formula onto your skin in upward circular motions. Don’t worry, it’ll just take a minute.
  • Rinse your face and pat dry with a towel. Done!

Must Read: Never skip a patch test. Discontinue in case of skin irritation in eyes, immediately wash with water. Not suitable for highly sensitive skin & children.

What’s In It?

  • Seaweed: Controls genes responsible for skin pigmentation
  • Manjishta Extract: Swaps dullness with natural radiance
  • Hydrolyzed Tomato Peel Extract: Effective protection from environmental damage
  • Calendula Extract: Regulates blood flow to cells & promotes healing



What is a deep cleansing face wash?

Unlike regular cleansing formulas, a deep cleansing face wash is formulated to suck out deep-settled dirt, debri and impurities from your pores. However, most deep cleansing formulas tend to be harsh on your skin. Not ours! The DoYou Face Wash is as gentle as it is effective with the deep cleansing.

What's special about this face wash?

The DoYou Face Wash is mild enough to not disturb your skin's natural pH level and effective enough to remove deep-seated grime, pollutants, impurities and light make up formulas without you breaking into a sweat. Moreover, it contains ingredients that cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin, making this an all-in-one CTM wonder! Aren't you sold already?

Is it suitable for oily/combination skin?

Absolutely! All our products are designed to cater to all skin types so that's one less thing for you to worry about. Not only does its deep pore cleansing action remove dirt, grime, dead skin and pollution, but the formula also tones and hydrates the skin.

Is it suitable for dry skin?

Absolutely! All our products are designed to cater to all skin types so that's one less thing for you to worry about. In fact, it is a mild cleanser with less lather/foam that does not strip your skin dry post wash. Add to that the fact that it is rich in skin conditioners and moisturising ingredients and your dry skin will love it!

Is it a gel face wash?

Yep, it's a creamy gel formula — think the texture/feel of a cream and consistency of a gel. Which is exactly why, it lathers up easily and glides very smoothly on your skin to give you a mild yet deep cleansing experience.

Does it have microbeads for exfoliation?

Nope, there are no microbeads in our face wash. But the good news is that it does offer the same benefits of deep pore cleansing without being harsh on your skin, as all our products are designed to be skin-friendly! Now isn't that a win-win?

Is it sulphate and paraben free?

You can totally count on our commitment to be skin-friendly. When it comes to all our produtcs, here's the list of ingredients that don't get the memo — Parabens, Sulphates, Petrolatum, Silicones, Phthalates, harsh chemicals.

3.8 out of 5 stars


5 reviews

4 out of 5
nice product

nice product

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3 out of 5
Great product

found this product interesting ,its gentle and soft on skin

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3 out of 5
Cleansing makes the day

I like to start my day with a cleanser that doesn’t make my skin right and stretchy. Is gentle and doesn’t foam. I found my perfect fit in this, must must try!

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5 out of 5
Quite unique!!!

A very different colour, feel & fragrance that I really like but the best part is the way the creamy lather feels on the skin… literally can’t stop washing my face with this one 😀. Simply love it 💜!

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4 out of 5
Love the lavender color!

I was desperately looking for a deep cleanser that doesn’t dry my face and I found that (and more) in this product! Definitely a must try.

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