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DoYou No-Stress Squad

No-Stress Squad

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What is it?

We skimmed through your skin's post-work wishlist and found these destressing treats on it — the DoYou Calming Mousse Mask that soothes your skin after a hectic day followed by the DoYou Night Cream that works against stress-induced sleep deprivation.

Why is it special?

DoYou Calming Mousse Mask

  • Anti-inflammatory mask with aloe vera, promising an instant boost of cellular-level hydration
  • Restores lost minerals to beat skin and promotes cell regeneration (cell renewal process responsible for skin's youthfulness)
DoYou Night Cream
  • Packs in aromatherapy benefits so you sleep better while hyaluronic acid maximizes overnight hydration
  • Helps undo visible signs of photoaging (aging caused by exposure to light) by boosting collagen synthesis (cellular protein responsible for skin elasticity)

1,190 99516% off
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Why is this combo called the 'No Stress Squad'?

We all have our own coping mechanisms when it comes to daily stress. Think tubs of ice-cream, a glass of wine or a Netflix marathon. Well, our 'No Stress Squad' is everything that you need to unwind at the end of a hectic day WITHOUT harming your skin in the process. Start with the DoYou Calming Mousse Mask. Not only is it fun to prepare but it calms tired skin like no other. And right when you're ready to hit the bed, massage your skin with the DoYou Night Cream to get enveloped by the aromatherapy perks of Lavender and Geranium Oils that help you sleep better.

How do these skincare products help with alleviating stress?

There are two ways in which both these formulas help in destressing your mind and body. Firstly, just the act of going through this relaxing skincare ritual has a calming effect on you. Secondly, the ingredients in these products are proven to counter the effects of stress. The DoYou Calming Mousse Mask has anti-inflammatory properties derived from Sea Algae that soothe your skin and the DoYou Night Cream has a blend of Lavender and Geranium Oils that provide aromatherapy benefits.

What is stress doing to my skin?

Lots of nasty stuff! When you're tense, your body releases Cortisol, a stress hormone that increases the skin's oil production, making it prone to breakouts. Stress can also play a part in causing inflammation and skin irritation as it compromises your skin's protective abilities. Reason enough to dial our 'No Stress Squad' and let it come to your rescue with its calming, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties that work at both, your mind and body level.

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