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DoYou Lip Serum Orange

Softening Lip Serum – Orange

3.67 out of 5
(3 reviews)


What is it?

The skin on your lips is thinner than the rest of your facial skin. Add to that unavoidable factors like pollution, sun damage, cosmetic formulas... and your pout feels (and looks) as parched as a desert! Enter: Citrusy goodness that'll end the dry spell. Luscious, pillow-soft lips... coming right up!

Why is it special?

  • A Butter-Soft Pout: Even the most luxurious lipstick won't sit well on flaky, chapped lips, so prioritize care over colour— this formula keeps your pout supple by creating a rich, protective hydrating film over it
  • Anti-Age Your Lips: Lip ageing is just as legit as skin ageing, we're talking thinner lips, discolouration, and fines lines around the area — vitamin E and orange oil team up to tighten the skin, offer sun protection and boost collagen (cellular protein responsible for skin elasticity)
  • Serum ≠ Sticky: Gooey, sticky lips are such a turn-off — this one's lightweight, non-sticky, and fits right in your routine... wear it with your lipstick during the day and include in your bedtime beauty routine for overnight nourishment
Ideal for: dry, chapped, flaky lips

2 Flavours available: Orange
  • DoYou Lip Serum Coffee
  • DoYou Lip Serum Orange

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How To Use

  1. Glide the roller twice over your lips to ensure complete coverage
  2. Wear it over or under your lipstick or just stick to a sheer, glossy pout
  3. Double up for best results — leave it on overnight and wake up to softer lips

Must Read: Never skip a patch test. Discontinue in case of skin irritation, immediately wash with water. Not suitable for highly sensitive skin & children.

3.67 out of 5 stars


3 reviews

4 out of 5
A must have..

A must have…if any one has dry lips definitely go for it… Repaired dry lips i loved it

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4 out of 5
My lips love this smooth & hydrating lip serum

I tried the DoYou Softening Lip Serum – Orange flavour. It\’s so smooth and hydrates my lips for at least 5-6 hours…forgot to notice it after that! One suggestion: it will be great if the orange flavour is a bit more zesty!

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3 out of 5

this is my first tryst with a lip serum and I have to say that i love this formula! it instantly makes my pout softer and more supple.

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