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DoYou Bedtime Basics

Bedtime Basics

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What is it?

Wanna wake up to happy, well-rested skin? Get our favourite EOD essentials on the job — while the DoYou Face Wash deep cleanses your skin of impurities, the DoYou Night Cream optimises overnight skin repair to the T.

Why is it special?

DoYou Face Wash

  • Non-drying formula cleanses your pores, tones them and restores lost moisture to skin's outer layer
  • Brings back skin's lost radiance and banishes dead skin cell buildup, resulting in skin that's smoother, softer and brighter
DoYou Night Cream
  • Packs in aromatherapy benefits so you sleep better while hyaluronic acid maximizes overnight hydration
  • Helps undo visible signs of photoaging (aging caused by exposure to light) by boosting collagen synthesis (cellular protein responsible for skin elasticity)

1,190 99516% off
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Why is this combo called 'Bedtime Basics'?

We completely get your lack of time (and energy) for an elaborate night-time skincare routine, especially after a long, hectic day. But since your skin goes into active repair mode while you cash in on your beauty sleep, bedtime skincare is imperative. Exactly why we've got you covered! Presenting two formulas that help you cover all your skincare bases (cleansing and nourishment) before you hit the bed. So, brush your teeth, cleanse your face, massage in the night cream and wake up to happy skin, every morning!

I can barely manage 8 hours of sleep, how do I fit in a nightcare regimen?

We totally get what you mean; the last thing you'd want after an already hectic day is a night-time skincare routine that's equally hectic. That said, bedtime TLC for your skin is non-negotiable. So, why not strike a balance between the two with this brilliant combo! We, at DoYou, firmly believe that happy skin has nothing to do with an army of formulas. So, while the DoYou Facewash helps get rid of an entire day's grime, the DoYou Night Cream dials up overnight skin nourishment. And all of this in under 3 minutes! Need we say more?

I am in my 20s. Why do I need a night cream?

Night creams are for anti-ageing, right? Well, yes and no. While the DoYou Night Cream does promise anti-ageing benefits, it also provides intense nourishment that helps undo environmental skin damage. In fact, since skin slips into active repair mode while you're busy snoozing, it only makes sense to get a fitting overnight formula on the job that helps optimise the repair program. BTW, did you know sleeping in an air-conditioned room dries out your skin, increasing your chances of waking up to a dull, dehydrated complexion? Cue to cart?

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