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DoYou Maskne Warriors

Maskne Warriors

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What is it?

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced us to maskne — enough reason for you to hit 'upgrade' on your skincare stash with this combo. While the DoYou Face Wash deep-cleanses your pores of accumulated sebum and sweat, the DoYou Oil-Free Moisturiser guarantees water-based hydration that doesn't clog pores.

Why is it special?

DoYou Face Wash

  • Non-drying formula cleanses your pores, tones them and restores lost moisture to the skin's outer layer
  • Brings back skin's lost radiance and banishes dead skin cell buildup, resulting in skin that's smoother, softer and brighter
DoYou Oil-Free Moisturiser
  • Provides all-round protection from daily skin stressors AND lightweight hydration that feels like second skin
  • Hyaluronic acid helps replenish and maintain the skin's moisture content for longer

Face Wash + Oil Free Moisturiser

990 79520% off
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Why is this combo called 'Maskne Warriors'?

While you practice social distancing, these two formulas help in distancing maskne from your life. Wearing a mask leads to humidity around the mouth; plus, the accumulated sweat beads clog your pores and lead to an acne attack. Moreover, the friction from wearing a mask can also cause acne mechanica in case of dry/dehydrated skin. So, while the DoYou Face Wash thoroughly deep cleanses your pores, the DoYou Oil-Free Moisturiser provides long-lasting, lightweight hydration without suffocating your skin under the mask.

What is maskne?

Maskne, a term coined in the light of the global pandemic, are breakouts in the lower part of your face that result from wearing a face mask. Since wearing masks is the 'new normal' now, more and more people are experiencing maskne triggered by breathing for hours with a mask on, thereby creating a humid condition which is highly conducive for breakouts.

How will these products help with maskne?

The DoYou Face Wash has antibacterial properties that deep cleanse your skin without stripping it dry, which is exactly what you need to do right after taking your mask off once you're home. On the other hand, the DoYou Oil-Free Moisturiser is lightweight enough to let your skin breathe under a mask and non-greasy enough to not let sweat and sebum accumulate and lead to breakouts.

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