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DoYou is born out of your busy life and the need for beauty that seamlessly fits into it. Inspired by hardworking multitaskers like you, our products (finally) let you say 'thank you, next' to complicated beauty.
Basically, you do you, boo!

Any ingredient that isn't skin-friendly is out of bounds for us

Think of us as an affable digital beauty buff — one who'll support (and not school) you

Drop that dictionary — we're breaking down confusing beauty jargon by the minute

Need Multitaskers Like You On The Job?

You're always hustling — only fair that our hardworkers match up to your class juggling act

Double-Guessing Your Skin Type?

Leave the heavy-duty work to us — each one of our superstars is designed to suit all skin types

Beauty Routine, Who That?

Conquer the world without bothering about binding beauty regimes— our heroes don't need an army to win

Skincare = Synonym For Chore?

Our products put the 'fun' in a 'funtastic EOD routine' — one that helps take the edge off after a long, stressful day

Skin Ravaged By Urban Living?

The demanding city life — can't live with, can't live without. Good thing, our formulas hit refresh on daily skin stress

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Ingredient Features

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TBH no one had ever asked me about ‘exfoliation’ in an interview before.

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We were in high spirits, both literally and figuratively.

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"I had stayed up late researching the effects of blue light on beauty sleep. Ah, the irony!"

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"If I can't get my sister to understand skincare better, what chance do I have at explaining this to other women?"

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"Most women did not realise how simple it really was to make the skin underneath makeup the real star."

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Our obsession with women who call the shots in their lives multiplied when we noticed the glaring gap in their beauty needs. We had to do something.

After countless conversations with such power women, here we are!


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